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Learning and Thinking Styles

Learning Style Inventories

How Do I Learn Best? The VARK Questionnaire

A Learning Style Survey for College, Diablo Valley College

Kiersey Temperament Sorter II (no charge for summary; small fee for full report)

The Success Types Learning Styles Indicator, Texas Tech University

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire, North Carolina State University

Multiple Intelligences Teacher Inventory

Learning Styles Resources

The VARK Helpsheets: Study Practices Geared to VARK Preferences

Learning Style Study Preferences

Student Learning Styles and Their Implications for Teaching, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT), University of Michigan

Concept to Classroom: Thirteen Ed Online in collaboration with Disney Learning Partnership (Short interactive Multiple Intelligences Survey with results)

Teacher's Pets - How Are You Intelligent? Survey of multiple intelligences.

Eight Ways of Being Smart

Pronunciation with an Eye on Multiple Intelligences, WATESOL Convention, Fall 2001

Using Multiple Intelligences in Testing and Assessment

Learning to Learn
The Thinking and Learning Skills course is designed to raise teachers', parents', and adult learners' awareness to their own thinking processes as a prerequisite to including learning skills as part of their teaching, or to improve their own learning skills. The Thinking and Learning skills course is unique in the realm of learning strategies courses. Learning to Learn is not a "study skills" or "strategies" course, but rather a course that teaches self-awareness and adaptive thinking skills.

Learning to Learn with Style
The Western/Pacific LINCS project sponsored this video-based learning module for teachers and students. There are lots of useful resources on the website that can be helpful to you and your students, even without the video. There is contact information on the bottom of the first page to request the video.

Finding your Style
A quick and easy checklist to determine your learning preference. Will you be an ESFJ or INTJ? This website will help you find out.

The Vancouver Island Invisible Disability Association Website
A short online Learning Style Inventory

Thinking Styles and Learning Styles
Identify what thinking styles you prefer and develop a plan to assist your students to identify their preferred and less preferred styles and to use this information to be better your learners.

Learning Styles Vs. Teaching Styles
Though controversial in some quarters, research continues to build a strong case for the impact of learning style upon acquiring and mastering knowledge. The underlying thesis is that one learns more effectively when information is presented in a manner congruent with one’s favored method of acquiring and processing information. This website offers information that places learning styles into four domains: Processing, Perception, Input, and Understanding.


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